Support for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The WOODLANDS CHURCH OF CHRIST appreciates your many gracious expressions of concern and offers of support from Christians all over the country for victims of Hurricane Harvey as well as related flooding in the Houston area. At this time, we believe we will be able to sustain the needs of those among our membership who have experienced losses. Consequently, we do not believe currently that we are in need of any additional financial support. However, we know there are many Christians who have experienced substantial loss among other churches in the Texas coastal region. We would encourage you to see how their burdens might be lifted. If you need any information for the churches from our area, please contact us via our web portal and we can provide a partial list of those who are known to us.

Additionally, there are many who do not know Christ and have equally been burdened with hardships created by Hurricane Harvey. While we do not endorse any particular benevolent group or everyone on the following link, there are many needs - and there is much to do. You can go to this site that has kept up to date resources for area shelters and collection sites.

Pray for everyone. Serve everywhere. Love at all times.